Foods of Athenry Strawberry and Vanilla Granola 450g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - Lovingly baked hi-fibre oats, blended with a delicate vanilla taste and crisp, tart strawberry pieces. Add to your own cereal, sprinkle on yoghurt or stir into your mix when baking to add a tasty high fibre boost.

Foods of Athenry Nutty Crunch Granola 300g ( Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - A tasty mix of nutritious oats, puffed brown rice and nuts, naturally sweetened with fruit juice. Add to your own cereal, sprinkle on yoghurt or stir into your mix when baking to add a tasty high fibre boost.

Foods of Athenry Very Berry Granola 450g (Gluten & wheat free) - A delicious fibre rich blend of Irish milled flax, toasted cereals, honey, berries, nuts and seeds. Add to your own cereal, sprinkle on yoghurt or stir into your mix when baking to add a tasty boost of Omega-3.
Foods of Athenry Gourmet Snicker doodle Cookies 175g(Gluten & Wheat free) - A scrumptious American butter cookie coated in sweet cinnamon.
Foods of Athenry Gourmet Lemon & Blueberry Cookies 175g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - Light, lemony shortbread cookies with blueberry bites. Delicious when dunked!
Olives et Al Classic Olives 260g (Gluten & dairy free) - A spicy Sicilian mix of olives in chilli infused extra virgin olive oil with garlic, bay and cracked black pepper.
Olives et Al Sunshine Olives 260g (Gluten & dairy free) - A Greek recipe of mixed olives marinated in Rosemary infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.
Suzanne’s Elderberry, balsamic & tarragon salad dressing 250ml (Gluten & dairy free) - A superb salad dressing that goes fabulously served with a warm salad of wild mushrooms and pancetta. Ideal used in marinades, sauces or drizzles for pork, chicken and game.
Suzanne’s Strawberry, balsamic & mint salad dressing 250ml (Gluten & dairy free) - A tasty salad dressing that is perfect for dressing mixed salads, creating sauces & marinades for meats or our personal favourite is to use it as a simply delicious topping for summer fruits and ice cream!
Foods of Athenry Cranberry & Hazelnut Gourmet Crackers 110g(Gluten & wheat free) - Crunchy crackers loaded with toasty hazelnuts and sweet cranberries.
Foods of Athenry Multiseed Gourmet Crackers 110g (Gluten & wheat free) - Crackers packed full of tasty and nutritional seeds.
Lazy Days Millionaire’s Shortbread 150g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - An indulgent Millionaires Shortbread with a delicious shortbread base spread with a thick, smooth layer of golden caramel, topped off with layer of crisp dark Belgian chocolate.
Organico Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce 340g (Gluten & dairy free) - A pasta sauce that is true to the Italian ideal of simple, pure, natural flavours.
Organico Olive & Capers Pasta Sauce 340g (Gluten & dairy free) - Packed full of flavour, this typically Tuscan sauce is great with tuna.
Foods of Athenry Rich & Fruity Cider Cake 450g(Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - Dried fruit combined with cider makes sure the delicious flavours are soaked up and kept in this moist fruit cake. 
Cottage Delight Sweet Apple Chutney 310g (Gluten free) - A fruity and slightly spiced chutney which is rich in texture, made with tangy Bramley apples. Delicious with a variety of cheeses, and perfect with pork.

Forest Products Seville Orange Medium Cut Marmalade 340g (Gluten & dairy free) - Made with the king of oranges for making marmalade, the Seville orange.

Moo Free Luxury Chocolate Pralines 132g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - Delicious, creamy, rice milk chocolate pralines filled with a luscious, caramelised hazelnut centre and then coated with our special, organic, dairy free chocolate. Perfect for anyone with a dairy allergy, lactose intolerance or who are vegan.
Panjaban Mild Authentic Curry Sauce Base 350g (Gluten & dairy free) - A tasty sauce that can be used as a base to a variety of curries.
Hider Luxury Nut & Fruit Mix 150g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - The ultimate snack; a mix of nuts and dried fruits. High in protein and essential fatty acids!
Hider Luxury Salted Nut Mix 150g(Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - The ultimate snack; a mix of salted nuts. High in protein and essential fatty acids!
Hider Milk Chocolate Raisins 200g (Gluten & wheat free) - An indulgent treat of chocolate raisins.
Doves Farm Pasta 500g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - These gluten free and organic pasta tubes are made in Italy from a blend of maize and rice. There's no need to change your cooking and eating habits with this pasta and guests may not even realise they're eating a gluten free meal!
Cottage Delight Miniature Sweet Apple Chutney 105g (Gluten free)
Cottage Delight Miniature Bucks Fizz Marmalade 113g (Gluten & dairy free)
Against the Grain Chocolate Chip & Hazelnut Cookies 150g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - Packed with hazelnuts and dark chocolate, these delicious award winning cookies are hard to resist!
Against the Grain Ginger Crunches 150g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - Definitely one for ginger lovers, crunchy ginger biscuits with delicious chewy stem ginger pieces.
Thursday Cottage Handmade Strawberry Jam 340g (Gluten, wheat & dairy free) - A delicious blend of two varieties of strawberry to maximise flavour, colour and texture. A real taste of summer!
Foods of Athenry Rocky Road Bar 75g (Gluten & wheat free) - These yummy gluten free rocky road cakes have tasty squishy marshmallows in them and are a great snack for all the family.
Foods of Athenry Granola bar 80g (Gluten & wheat free) - Baked with certified gluten & wheat free oats, these granola bars are packed with pure oats, seeds, fruits & chocolate. A power snacking treat!
Porcini Mushroom Risotto Kit 250g (Gluten free) - This ready-made risotto is made with carnaroli rice and all the ingredients needed to make a porcini mushroom risotto. Simply add stock or water and cook as usual, stirring regularly, and you will have a delicious, creamy risotto after 15-20 minutes. (Serves 2.)
Just so Italian Brutti ma Buoni biscuits 150g (Gluten & Dairy free) - These nutty meringue biscuits are from Prato in Tuscany. Their name translates to Ugly but Good and they are most certainly good!
Balsamic Vinegar Amerigo 250ml - This is a really good quality balsamic vinegar from a producer near Modena, Italy. It’s sweet and tangy flavour makes it ideal for marinades, dips and salad dressings.
Garden of England Raspberry Preserve 320g (Gluten & dairy free) - Perfectly ripe raspberries are lovingly hand selected when they are bursting with flavour and crafted into a delicious preserve. The ideal filling for that perfect free-from Victoria Sponge!
Just so Italian Dried Porcini Mushrooms 50g - Porcini mushrooms are probably the most sought after variety mushroom in the UK. Dried porcini mushrooms have a more intense flavour than their ‘fresh’ equivalent and can be used in soups, pastas and risottos. The water that you use to soak them in makes a fantastic stock too!
Eisberg Alcohol-Free Chardonnay White 75cl - A fresh, crisp Chardonnay with hints of lemon, ripe peaches and soft vanilla, with the alcohol carefully removed so you can enjoy it anywhere and any time!
Mosto Extra Virgin Olive oil 250ml - The name ‘mosto’ means that this intense olive oil is unfiltered and bottled as soon as it comes out of the mill. It has an intense flavour and is particularly good as a salad dressing, drizzled over fish or simply for dipping bread into. It comes in an attractive glass bottle with a cork pourer.
Just so Italian Sundried Tomatoes 100g - These tomatoes are naturally dried without any preservatives and are great for adding flavour to sauces, risottos, salads and stews.